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Example Of Standardization Of Ikea - 1381 Words

The debate about standardization and adaptation for international markets has continuously attracted more attention from multinational companies for several years. The case of IKEA has however tried to help me in understanding the argument involving these two marketing strategies as applied in the international markets. In global marketing strategy, standardization involves selling products or offering services which are similar, with the same advertising and promotional methods, pricing and location strategies in different countries of the world. On the other hand, adaptation involves selling products or providing services that have various features based on the different markets in varying nations to satisfy the human needs or wants†¦show more content†¦Despite the measures of ensuring that the business maintains a uniform product approach across the globe, the management has assured that it creates different catalogs with different languages to cater for different market targets. For instance, the company prints 212 million records which are in 32 languages and 67 versions to ensure that they satisfy the needs of consumers who have different cultures. This strategy assists the company to have a more significant market share thus improving its sales volume and profit margins. Moreover, it facilitates the company in analyzing the individual market requirements to cater for consumers thus making the consumers feel recognized (Spielmann Delvert, 2014). IKEA has to help me to understand that it would be better for a multinational firm to collaborate the two marketing ways to enjoy many benefits and remain relevant in the ever-changing technological world of business. Cultural differences remain to be one of the critical issues affecting companies that are operating in different countries in the world because marketing strategies that work well for one country may turn to be the worst in a different state. Therefore, multinational firms must undertake an in-depth research to ensure they employ the best business strategies before moving to new markets. Companies who want to penetrate in the international markets must understand whether the potentialShow MoreRelatedInternational Advertising : Theory And Approach925 Words   |  4 Pagesbetween the different approaches to international marketing and the issues related to standardization and adaptation, as well as an analysis of promotional variations that stem from the growing global consumer culture. Standardization versus Adaptation There is a continual disagreement within the realms of international advertising about how best to approach the subject. This disagreement is between the standardization of products and services along with the pursuit of a consistent 2 marketing strategyRead MoreThe Self Service System : Ikea And Consumers, And It s Concept856 Words   |  4 PagesThe self-service system brings benefits to both IKEA and consumers, and it’s concept in the market offer many reciprocal benefits to achieve common progress. For IKEA, the innovative service has contributed to the expanding of the corporation and the growth of sales which in turn increase its economic influence and gives it a very competitive advantage. The self-service benefit also helps the standardization of the service system and enables IKEA to achieve the economic scale while reducing costRead MoreHeyy1303 Words   |  6 PagesHow different is different? IKEAs challenge to appeal to local tastes globally. Brief information about IKEA company. IKEA is a privately held, international home products company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture such as beds, chairs, and desks, appliances and home accessories. The company is the worlds largest furniture retailer. Founded in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden, the company is named as an acronym comprising the initials of the founders name (IngvarRead MoreIkea Case Study Analysis1117 Words   |  5 PagesIKEA- Case Study Political Risk Is the possibility that an unexpected and drastic change due to political forces will result in adverse circumstances for business operations. * 1998 the Russian Monetary policy finally collapsed-This caused a MACRO POLITICAL RISK for all companies operating in Russia, including foreign companies. * Due to this INTERNAL THREAT, all foreign companies left the country. IKEA also faced a political risk in Russia in terms of ORGANISED CRIME: Although developingRead MoreIKEA Case Study Pirsoi Teodora C11572 Words   |  7 PagesIKEA – CASE STUDY Is IKEA’s success sustainable? 1. List IKEA’s external and internal challenges. Looking at IKEA’s challenges, which do you think pose the greatest threats? Why? How would you address the challenges? External challenges Opening new stores to drive future growth Finding new sources of supply to support more store openings Find suppliers to be a strategic fit with its highly efficient operations Given the issue of deforestation and the link to global warming, IKEA would need toRead MoreThe Mcdonaldization Of Society By George Ritzer999 Words   |  4 Pagesbest example of how the process can benefit society. World population is expected to reach 10 billion people by 2050 and Earth has already lost a third of its arable land in the last 40 years. It may not be the healthiest of diet plans but McDonald’s provides the cheapest and most nutritious food on a mass-produced scale in human history. McDonald’s is often times cost-effective for cash strapped college students and popular way good samaritans to feed the homeless. II. Using the Ikea exampleRead MoreThe International Marketer Of Overseas Markets1383 Words   |  6 Pagesstandardised marketing communication method to those overseas markets is appropriate. In addition, global media consumption or the adoption of global lifestyles makes it easy to accept the standard global advertisement or other communication tool. For example, when customers travel around the world, if they see the same international brands which they prefer in their own country, they are willing to see the advertisements which remain the same image in their mind. Otherwise, they will feel confused aboutRead MoreStrategies Adopted in the International Market the Case of Ikea in France11879 Words   |  48 PagesSchool of Technology and Society BACHELOR DEGREE PROJECT Strategies Adopted in the International Market The case of IKEA in France Bachelor Degree Project in Business Administration 15 ECTS Spring term 2007 Authors: Damien BADIER and Carole ROUSSET Supervisor: Desalegn ABRAHA Examiner: Marianne KULLENWALL Strategies adopted in the International Market The case of IKEA in France This thesis is submitted by Damien Badier and Carole Rousset to University of Skà ¶vde for the Bachelor DegreeRead MoreEssay on case study ikea2128 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿Can you see any alternative entry strategy that IKEA could have applied when entering the Russian market? What would have been the advantages and the disadvantages of these alternative strategies  ? For IKEA there was alternatives strategy for entry the Russian market, as any other foreign market, the options for the company where: †¢ Exporting †¢ Licensing †¢ Joint ventures IKEA can use any of these alternatives but there were not in the same line has the company wanted to be in Russia, so theyRead MoreThe Principles Of Global Marketing1632 Words   |  7 Pagesstrategy of global marketing is necessary for companies to develop new markets. This assignment will firstly explain what global marketing is. After that, it will confer strategy of global marketing in 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion) and some examples. Finally, it will discuss relevancies to society. Explanation Global marketing is a universal and natural discipline. The first reason is people in diverse countries having differences. In addition, the practices of marketing will alter from country

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Evaluation of Stress Management for Higher Secondary...

EVALUATION OF STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR HIGHER SECONDARY STUDENTS IN SALEM DISTRICT-TAMIL NADU 1 Introduction Stress is the body’s General response to any intense physical, emotional or mental demand placed on it by on self or others. Anything can be stressor if it last long enough is perceived as stress. Stress is any situation that evokes negative thoughts and feelings in a person. Being a student can be the most interesting time of one’s life. New friends, new places, new challenges can make a student life stress full. Most students will feel the effect of stress at some point in their studies and a small number of students may feel stressed or depressed for most of the time. Financial worries, dept, exam pressure, burden of course work and relationship problem create lot of pressure on students. Stress management encompasses techniques to equip a person with effective coping mechanisms for dealing with physiological stress. Stress management involves techniques include self management, conflict resolution, positive attitude, self talk, breathing, meditation, exercise, diet and rest. Effective stress management involves learning to set limits for the issues that create stress. The project make and attempt to study whether the students perceiving higher secondary education in Salem district are subject to stress and to what extent they are affected by stress full events occurring during important part of their life. Review of literature A critical issue concerning stressShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesCover Designer: Wanda Espana OB Poll Graphics: Electra Graphics Cover Art: honey comb and a bee working / Shutterstock / LilKar Sr. Media Project Manager, Editorial: Denise Vaughn Media Project Manager, Production: Lisa Rinaldi Full-Service Project Management: Christian Holdener, S4Carlisle Publishing Services Composition: S4Carlisle Publishing Services Printer/Binder: Courier/Kendallville Cover Printer: Courier/Kendalville Text Font: 10.5/12 ITC New Baskerville Std Credits and acknowledgments borrowedRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pages Cross Reference of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Concepts to Text Topics Chapter 1 Modern Project Management Chapter 8 Scheduling resources and cost 1.2 Project defined 1.3 Project management defined 1.4 Projects and programs (.2) 2.1 The project life cycle (.2.3) App. G.1 The project manager App. G.7 Political and social environments F.1 Integration of project management processes [3.1] 6.5.2 Setting a schedule baseline [8.1.4] Setting a resource schedule ResourceRead MoreBhopal Gas Disaster84210 Words   |  337 BHOPAL GAS DISASTER [ JANUARY - DECEMBER, 2006] Gas victims bodies celebrate judgement Organisations of Gas victims had celebrated favourable decisions from the Judge John F Keenan of the District Court of New York for the first time in the history of the case regarding the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal. On January 10, Judge Keenan had issued a letter rogatory for obtaining the documents from Eveready Industries India Limited that could

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How to Write a Marketing Research Proposal Free Essays

Step 1 Determine why the research is taking place. A market research proposal must explain the purpose of the research. The abstract at the beginning of the proposal will explain the goals of the research as well as any theories the research is attempting to prove. We will write a custom essay sample on How to Write a Marketing Research Proposal or any similar topic only for you Order Now Step 2 Identify the information needed for the research. Explain the type of research information that is necessary to serve the purpose identified in step one. For example, if the research is on television viewing habits, one type of information needed is the kind of shows being watched as well as the audience that is watching. Different demographics often have different viewing habits, so identifying the information you need is a critical part of the market research proposal. This information is a necessary component in the first third of the proposal. Step 3 Explain the research methods that will be used. You know what information is needed; now detail how you will find it. Will you use a poll? What other measuring tools will you use? Step 4 Explain the cost of the research. The cost is going to influence those making the decisions. Each recommendation you make should include a specific cost breakdown as well as a rating of the importance of that research tool in relation to the others. For example, if you can obtain the same information through two different methods, you should include cost, validity and reliability scales for decision-making. Step 5 Conclude the market research proposal with a summary and recommendation. While the bulk of the proposal should explore all options, the summation should include your recommendations and assessments of all the available options. 6. Step 6 Edit for structure. Be sure to format the market research proposal with an executive summary (abstract/introduction), background (information and research), and a definition of the research or the problem you seek to resolve with the research. Be sure to include objectives, research methods (how information will be gathered and analyzed) and method of reporting. How to cite How to Write a Marketing Research Proposal, Essays

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Why Sticking to a Content Schedule Is Important

Why Sticking to a Content Schedule Is Important Learn more about the value of sticking to a content schedule and why consistency really is key for content creation and distribution As you put together a content strategy, you might think carefully about the kind of content you want to publish. However, it may be just as important to think about when you want to publish that content. Most businesses and organizations implement a content schedule, which ensures that content is consistent and reliable. A consistent content strategy can keep readers coming back, maximize engagement and lead to more cohesive content overall. However, there are also some drawbacks that must be considered as you lay out your content schedule.The Benefits of Creating and Sticking to a Content Schedule In almost every case, having a content schedule is a good idea. Although planning out months or even a year of content at once can feel overwhelming, there are clearly many compelling reasons to take on this task and put it to use within your company. Keep R eaders Coming Back ConsistentlyWhether your content is visual or written, users will come back time and time again if they enjoy it or can learn from it. Having new content at regular intervals is positive reinforcement that encourages people to return to your blog, website or social media platforms. A consistent content schedule becomes something that users can rely on, which means they are more likely to make it a habit.If you publish a new blog post every Friday afternoon, for example, readers will start to be conditioned to visit your website at the same time each week. This is a very positive step because they are learning to rely on your content and your brand in a real way. If your posting is sporadic, users are less likely to get in the habit of visiting. Sticking to a structured posting schedule is a smart and relatively easy way to make a good impression on your readers, followers and potential client base. Attract Readers at Peak Times with High EngagementIf you dont have a content schedule, you might find yourself — or other members of your team — posting at odd hours or whenever it is most convenient. Many people find themselves doing this at slow times like evenings or weekends. In theory, this can be a great way to utilize slow work periods. In reality, however, it means that content is being posted at off-peak times for your clients.If you regularly post on a platform like LinkedIn, you may already know that the peak times to post content are during office hours in the week. If your goal is to maximize engagement — and it certainly should be — then posting on the weekends or the evenings is less than ideal. While the peak hours for engagement will vary depending on the platform, the audience demographics and the geographic location, the sentiment remains the same. A regular content schedule means that you can be actively posting at times that will increase eyes on your content and engagement with your brand. Create M ore Content on a Regular ScheduleWithout deadlines and schedules, it is easy to let time slip by without making content a priority. Over a day or two, this might not lead to any serious problems. If it becomes routine, however, it can mean that your companys content creation decreases. With a content schedule, you have plenty of time to plan ahead. You know what is due and when it needs to be completed.Keep in mind that a content schedule isnt just for one person. Instead, it should be accessible to anyone who has a role to play in the content strategy. Whether you hire authors or have an internal marketing team, allow everyone involved to have access to the content schedule. This adds a level of accountability to the schedule, and it also ensures that no one is left in the dark about what needs to be done and when each project has to be completed Plan Out Your Content Strategy More EffectivelyContent ideation is routinely mentioned as one of the most challenging aspects of content creation. Many individuals know that content is such a key part of their online strategy, but they dont know exactly what to write about. Although there are many great tools out there that can help, it can still be a daunting task. One of the best ways to handle content ideation more effectively is to do it all at once.Instead of trying to think of one or two new content ideas each week, spend a few hours and come up with all the content titles at once. Doing this can actually be a more efficient strategy, and it means that you wont repeat ideas or develop content that is too similar to previous work. In short, this approach can allow businesses to think ahead and set up a big picture strategy that can guide their content ideation and creation for weeks or even months at a time.What Your Content Schedule Should Look Like The format of your content schedule is entirely up to your own personal preferences. There are lots of editorial and content calendar suggestions that can guide you , but most people find that a standard calendar works best. In this style, it is easy to see what content is coming up and what needs to be completed on each day. Another great tip is to color code the calendar to help differentiate between content for social media or for your website. If different people are responsible for them, it helps to keep everyone clear and in the loop. Plus, this structure works well if you plan to repost content across multiple platforms or share evergreen content at a later date.The Pitfalls of Sticking to a Content Schedule Clearly, there are many reasons why sticking to a consistent content schedule can be beneficial. However, there are also some pitfalls to consider. By being aware of these common pitfalls, you can avoid them and work toward a better content strategy. Can Be Overwhelming All at OnceA lot of content managers want to work with one piece of content at a time. When that is done, they move onto the next project. These are smaller goals and deadlines, so they can feel a lot more manageable. When you set a goal like establishing a long-term content schedule, the idea alone can be overwhelming. At this stage, many people fall off track and decide not to pursue a consistent schedule for content.To avoid this pitfall, try to break down the schedule into more manageable pieces. For example, you could schedule all your blog content for 90 days at once. Then, you can come back and add in social media cross-posting schedules. Or you could stick with creating one month at a time in advance. Dont feel like you have failed if you dont structure all your content at once. Setting up your content schedule might take time, but in the long run, it will create less stress and make your day-to-day content strategy implementation a lot easier. Might Restrict CreativityAnother common pitfall to a set content schedule is the potential to limit creativity. There may be a concern that if you handle content ideation and scheduling weeks or e ven months in advance, you might be stuck with a concept or an article that is subpar. This is a valid concern, but the solution is to allow content creators to make changes.If you have an entry in your content schedule for a blog post about the best dresses of 2019, your content creator might want to tweak it to reflect their interests or passions. In this case, allow them to do so. As long as you are hitting your desired SEO keywords, content creation should be fluid. Sticking roughly to the plan but allowing for changes along the way leads to the best possible results. Dont stifle creativity in the name of efficiency!A Consistent Content Schedule Doesnt Take News or Big Changes Into Consideration Sticking to a content schedule might be the goal, but too much automation can be problematic. There are many software programs and apps that allow you to schedule the release of content well in advance. These are a fantastic way to save time, but they can cause problems. For example, you might not want to post an article about a shallow topic minutes after a major political debate or a natural disaster. Doing so can seem out of touch or even unkind, depending on the situation.For that reason, it is smart to be flexible. Stay ahead of what will be posted, and make adjustments as necessary. At the same time, dont be afraid to inject new, timely content at the last minute if it is socially and culturally relevant. One great example is when Oreo tweeted out, You can still dunk in the dark, moments after the 34-minute blackout of Super Bowl XLVII. There is no way to pre-plan content like this, but it was instantly viral and a memorable experience for Twitter users.Overall, there is no question that sticking to a content schedule is important. The right tools allow you to stay on schedule and create relevant, timely content throughout the year and across multiple platforms.

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Website for Kudler Fine Foods Essays

Website for Kudler Fine Foods Essays Website for Kudler Fine Foods Essay Website for Kudler Fine Foods Essay Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) mission is to provide customers the best produce, wines, and associated needs in an unparalleled customer setting. Kudler brings its customers the finest products from around the world. Kudler Fine Foods wants to improve the functionality of their current website to be more competitive and to offer their unique products to customers everywhere. History The founder of Kudler Fine Foods is Kathy Kudler; she brings knowledge from a previous career as a vice president of marketing. As Kathy relieved her stress by gourmet cooking, she found it hard to find all ingredients in one place. Kathy recognizing a need for an upscale gourmet store in La Jolla, CA, she sought financing with a business plan in hand, and opened her first business June 18, 1998. To Kathy’s surprise, the store was profitable within the first nine months. In 2000, Del Mar became the location for the second store and a third store in Encinitas was in operation in 2003. Kudler Fine Foods is now ready to offer these great products to customers around the world with a new e-commerce website. Sales and Marketing Kudler Fine Foods is experiencing growth in the gourmet market, the time has come to grow in the service area, improve upon the effectiveness of its business and increase loyalty and profitability by increasing the purchasing power of its consumers. If the opportunity is favorable, Kudler Fine Foods will launch stores in Florida and Connecticut. Kudler Fine Foods focus has been on the development of services to the customer and adding a frequent shopper program to help increase profits. Now the business will incorporate the frequent shopping program and sales into the new web design that will take Kudler Fine Foods to the next level of business opportunities. Point of Sale The current Point of Sale (POS) module is NCR RealPOS 30; it gathers customer files and details of items purchased. The POS system permits growth with ecommerce; it can capture the same information online as well as in-store purchases. The new website will interface with the current POS system. Gathering customer information brings on the responsibility to guard personal information. Modern businesses deal with an elaborate system of laws and regulations. Business owners cannot survive without basic knowledge of these laws and regulations. KFF’s business has superior ethics that inspiring to do what is best for the customer, not just try to make a profit. Frequent Shopper Program Kudler Fine Food’s tracks the purchase behavior of the customer at the individual level. KFF provides incentives from joint ventures with companies with a program based on points accumulated from purchases. Kudler customers are not focusing on price; they want quality and variety of gourmet foods. The web is a great place to offer such merchandise to customers by using pictures and videos to offer how- to on using gourmet foods. The firm’s relational attitude often comes to life by the articulation of frontline employees whose characteristics and behaviors’ can apply considerable impact on the results of interactions with the customers according to Arbore, Guenzi, and Ordanini (2007). The same is true with service level for a website; the site must also meet all the needs of the customer. Focus Group The focus group for the development of an e-commerce website will be Kathy Kudler, the Director of store operations, sales staff, accounting clerk, computer support specialist, purchasing manager and IT staff. According to Woodward (2008), a website can expand a company’s geographical reach and its ability to provide customer service at a low cost. Current System The current system is a Norvell 4. 11 server with four POS windows PC’s at each location with a 56k modem connected to the Internet and each store has a standalone UPS modem. La Jolla and Del Mar each have a PC with PII NT server with built-in modem and cd-rom reader and a PC with PC 64 mg ram with windows and office 97 using server, a bubble jet printer and a stand along cd burner. Purpose Kudler Fine Foods is a unique type of store with a unique clientele. There are very few specialty stores in the United States so the use of a website will open a new business to web users to obtain gourmet foods delivered right to their doorstep. In staying with their specialty branding, Kindler’s executives and the sales and marketing department are enthusiastic about the se of the e-commerce website. Detail Design Kudler will need to implement an up-to-date server. We recommend that a server be purchased and the current one scrapped. The server will also need to run a more up-to-date version of the Windows operating system. I recommend Windows server either 2003 or 2008. I chose the Windows server edition because of the company’s already existing famili arity with the Windows server operating system. I also believe that learning the Linux operating system might slow down business operations and this is why in this situation a newer version of Windows would be a more reliable choice. Windows Server 2008 R2 builds on the successes and strengths of its Windows Server predecessors while delivering valuable new functionality and powerful improvements to the base operating system. New Web tools, virtualization technologies, security enhancements, and management utilities help save time, reduce costs, and provide a solid foundation for the information technology (IT) infrastructure (Microsoft. com, 2009). After the purchase of a server, and the launch of the website, we can keep the Kudler Fine Food checkout lanes open around the clock. The website will be written in hypertext mark-up language (HTML). Html is the standard programming language that information for the web is created in. The site will include JavaScript and Ajax with Meta tags to help search engines keep Kudler Fine Foods at the top of search results. We recommend that we change the current Internet access from a 56k dial up modem to modern like a high-speed xdsl or cable internet access. In addition, other options available, but I think cable or xdsl Internet access will give Kudler more than enough Internet bandwidth. This will enable the Kudler website to handle the traffic to their site in a faster manner. The modem upgrade will also enable the company server to send e-mail without worrying about the bottlenecking or choke points that occur due to the limited amount of bandwidth that is available to a dial up network. This will also be an improvement for those employees who need to access the network remotely. After signing up at the website, the customer will have agreed that his or her actions will be tracked while on the website via the user agreement or the terms of service. This will help Kudler tailor its business around the user. This will be more effective because Kudler can suggest the items that the customer is most interested in, and offer deals on those specific products. I believe that this will result in more customers who are pleased with their experience at the Kudler website and more sales for Kudler. This service will also enable customers to create online shopping list, and enable them to pay from home and pick up in store or have the items shipped. Test Process summary After all code is tested, a testing environment will be set up for users to test all web pages on different browsers. Testing for the website will be done using IT staff and in house employees. The functionality must appear seamless while the system must integrate with all aspects of the current POS system with enterprise wide software, online shopping and the Content Delivery Network (CDN). According to O’ Kennon (2010), using (CDN) as a server hosted by a third party, the content will be geographically closer to the users that request the content of the Website from Kudler Fine Foods. This will provide high-quality service quickly to keep the users attention. Software To start the testing, using the website interface and database software, the first step is the testing of the enterprise wide analytics software by integrating the current Access database; this will help expedite the testing and integrating tasks. The current Access database contains all vital records to the company. The enterprise wide software must be able to show the important fields within the database for each department. Testing of this software will be conducted offline to ensure the proper interfacing to the purchasing system works. Sales employees communicate with the customers; they would have firsthand knowledge of what the customer likes. If all looks good offline, then once the server is up and running transition to the website interface will begin. Hardware During the software coding, hardware testing will be used to validate the proper transition. A new server will be purchased and tested within the Kudler system as an addition. Once the server seems viable transferring information from the old servers to the new one will begin. As the software becomes available all testing between hardware will be with the new server. This will ensure that no additional testing will be needed on unused hardware. Testing will include data transfer and communication between location and external Internet connectivity. Support and Maintenance Summary Because Kudler Fine Foods is a smaller company, an offsite support company or outsourcing would make better business sense. The company does not have to employ a service person to maintain the website as well as any hardware for the system. This will be a cost savings for the company; in the event that hardware has problems, they can inform the support company. A super user at each location will help other employees and customers if they have issue that come up with the website. References Arbore, A. Guenzi, P. and Ordanini, A. (October 12, 2007). Loyalty building, relational trade-offs and key service employees: the case of radio DJs. Emerald Journal retrieved April 23, 2010 from the University of Phoenix Microsoft. com. (2009). Microsoft Windows Server Edition 2008R2 Product Information. Retrieved April 23, 2010 from microsoft. com/windowsserver2008/en/us/product-information. aspx O’Kennon, C. (2010). Content Delivery Networks. Retrieved May 7, 2010 from apollolibrary. com/Library/err/ElectronicReserveReadings. aspx. Woodward, K. (2008). Evaluating Web Site Goals and Needs. Retrieved May 7, 2010 from apollolibrary. com/Library/err/ElectronicReserveReadings. aspx.

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Deportacin y su procedimiento, causas y perdn

Deportacin y su procedimiento, causas y perdn La deportacià ³n puede afectar a cualquier migrante, indocumentado o legal, e incluso a residentes permanentes legales titulares de una green card. Las causas de deportacià ³n son muy variadas, pudiendo ir desde la presencia ilegal a la comisià ³n de delitos inmorales o agravados.   En cuanto al tiempo que dura todo el proceso puede ser largo, para empezar por las demoras para presentarse en Corte.   Procedimiento de la deportacià ³n en Estados Unidos La deportacià ³n judicial, ordenada por un juez o corte. No confundir con expulsià ³n inmediata ni tampoco con la remocià ³n ordenada por el Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y Ciudadanà ­a (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglà ©s). Se aplica un tipo de procedimiento u otro segà ºn la naturaleza de la infraccià ³n y de la situacià ³n migratoria de quien la cometa. La deportacià ³n la dicta un juez de una corte migratoria o, si se apela su decisià ³n, entonces es la orden que dicta el BIA, es decir, el tribunal de apelaciones. Es fundamental entender cul es el cargo que se imputa al migrante, buscar un buen abogado, arreglar las actividades diarias para presentarse en corte el dà ­a de la cita y analizar cules son las opciones legales para luchar contra la deportacià ³n. Suspensià ³n deportacià ³n por perdà ³n, asilo, ajuste de estatus o violencia domà ©stica Para poder solicitar y obtener un alivio de la deportacià ³n, deben reunirse una serie de requisitos que varà ­an segà ºn el estatus legal del extranjero. En ningà ºn caso podr ser solicitado por aquellas personas que hayan sido condenadas por un delito agravado (aggravated felony en inglà ©s). Una de las opciones es obtener un  perdà ³n o alivio  que es concedido por un juez, segà ºn su mejor opinià ³n. En cada aà ±o fiscal se pueden conceder hasta un mximo de  4,000 perdones. Tambià ©n es posible suspender la orden de deportacià ³n por ajuste de estatus, asilo o violencia domà ©stica. De hecho, hay hasta nueve recursos legales para luchar la deportacià ³n. En estos casos es muy aconsejable contar con un buen abogado especialista en inmigracià ³n o con un representante acreditado con competencia para llevar el caso. Consecuencias de la deportacià ³n en Estados Unidos La persona deportada no podr regresar a Estados Unidos por un periodo de tiempo que va desde los diez aà ±os  a una prohibicià ³n de por vida para los casos de deportados por haber cometido un delito agravado. Sin embargo, la ley prevà © la posibilidad de solicitar una excepcià ³n waiver, que permita la reentrada antes de cumplirse el tiempo de castigo impuesto. Estos son los posibles perdones que se pueden solicitar, ya que es posible que adems del perdà ³n por la deportacià ³n sea necesario pedir por otras penalidades.   Pero antes de tomar ninguna decisià ³n se debe tener en cuenta si podrà ­a aplicar la proteccià ³n 245(i) para migrantes con peticiones antiguas aprobadas. Si se tiene una orden de deportacià ³n que no se apela o ya se han agotado todas las opciones de lucharla es posible pedir en determinadas circunstancias un aplazamiento o suspensià ³n temporal de la ejecucià ³n de la deportacià ³n. Es lo que se conoce como stay. Salida voluntaria y deportacià ³n: cosas diferentes Puede ser solicitada en determinados casos -est prohibida para los condenados de delitos graves y por actividades terroristas. Si es concedida, el extranjero no tendr prohibida la reentrada a EEUU por ningà ºn periodo de tiempo. Es decir, la salida voluntaria no lleva aparejada la penalidad de aà ±os sin ingresar a Estados Unidos que sà ­ aplica con la deportacià ³n. Bastar con que cumpla los requisitos generales de admisibilidad en la frontera. En este caso, la persona extranjera debe salir del paà ­s dentro del plazo concedido. Si no lo hace podr ser multado y deportado. Consejos para evitar ms problemas Cuando se inicia un proceso de deportacià ³n la mejor opcià ³n es buscar un abogado migratorio y ver cules son todas las opciones para intentar ganar el caso. Es fundamental entender que no presentarse a una cita en corte dar lugar a que el juez dice una orden de deportacià ³n que se conoce como in absentia. Esto quiere decir que el migrante puede ser deportado en cualquier momento, sin derecho a presentarse ante un juez. NOTA: este artà ­culo es meramente informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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The State of Sovereign Wealth Funds Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The State of Sovereign Wealth Funds - Essay Example The commonly utilised value for price volatility is the percentage, which serves to eliminate the problems presented by changing currency values, when presenting volatility of commodities available globally. In most circumstances of international commodity price volatility, economists normally utilise a common currency, like the dollar to represent volatility. International businesses, however, present the calculation of volatility in terms of percentage of a specified figure. Volatility normally revolves around measurement of dispersion observed in numerous securities or market index. The calculation of volatility enables economists to predict the amount of uncertainty existing for given commodities. The uncertainties are normally presented by notable changes observed in the commodity prices. These changes are utilised in making predictions concerning stability of stocks and expected changes, based on previous observations. Volatility represents commodity risk and high volatility in dicates high investment risk in such stocks. The risk is normally presented by anticipated change, with stocks having high volatility being marked as expected to have dramatic price adjustments over a short duration. Price fluctuations remain a fundamental constituent of calculated volatility values established by economist. Stable commodities customarily experience minimal fluctuations; hence lower volatility for such commodities. Stability in commodity prices does not occur often within the free market economies as demand and supply change continuously. Expanding boundaries of national economies dissolving into the global economy have contributed to increased difficulty in management of commodity price volatility. Technological advancements have contributed significantly towards a global shift in the living standards, consequently resulting in increased price volatility. Within the global economy, price control continues to become increasingly difficult because of the existing pol icy discrepancies among different countries. The concept of free market has continued to create an unprecedented, uncontrolled flux in pricing within the global market. Increases in commodity demand against the available supply continue to have a negative impact on the prices, causing increased price volatility. Investors, within the business world, commonly rely on volatility when making numerous investment decisions. Through volatility the individuals can make estimations of expected returns on investments, based on security volatility. Management of volatility remains a fundamental element for investors seeking success in the constantly changing commodity prices in the free market. Though volatility could be utilised in making future predictions, numerous changes could be initiated in the management process of volatility, consequently avoiding the adverse effects created by high volatility. The business decisions made following estimations from volatility consist of numerous assu mptions. One major assumption in estimating volatility remains the unchanging business environment, enabling constant business conditions. Though calculations remain accurate, as they are based on current market prices, the prevailing business conditions resulting to the result cannot remain fixed. Governments, for example, might introduce regulations and policies seeking to protect investors from adverse effects of volatility. Changes in the business